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Our History

Without a Vision, the People Perish

The story of India Gospel League begins with one man’s journey into the Christian faith through faithful missional-minded men nearly 150 years ago. From there, a vision was born, to carry the gospel out to the least-loved and those most in need. Today the same ministry stands firmly on that vision and calling, to share the hope and love of Jesus to those most in need. Here is the story, as told by the grandson of the founder:

My great grandfather was the first one of my family to become a Christian. He heard about Jesus when the Salvation Army first came to India in the 1860s. He accepted the Lord into his life in a street meeting. Because he came from a high caste Hindu family, his family felt he had brought them disgrace by becoming a Christian. He left home, going from village to village sharing with others the hope and joy that he had found.

His son (my grandfather) founded the ministry that today is known as India Gospel League. He lived his life to the very end, sharing with others, the joy and hope, and so did my father after him. I had the privilege of working with my father for 12 years in the ministry. He taught me many things, but I will always remember his last words to me: “No matter what happens, son, don’t lose the vision.”

My father organized IGL on the basis of his deep conviction that, as Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The vision is reaching out to the neglected masses of people in the villages of India who are perishing without a Saviour. Most of them are dying without ever experiencing joy, or knowing true hope. This verse is the motto of our organization, and we remain committed to that vision and calling.


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