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There are PLENTY of things vying for our attention of church leaders – so, why should mission and vision trips be a on our priority list? 1. Mission trips expose us to new networks. It is really easy in church life to get caught up in the here-and-now challenges we face – the way our [. . .]

The mission advance occurring throughout the world is bigger than any single organization, denomination or movement. That’s what makes it so exciting to behold! At India Gospel League (IGL) we define this as a “wave” – the third wave, in fact, in the recent history of missions. Years ago, faithful believers gathered their resources to [. . .]

Kids value what their parents teach them to value.  In my house, I want that value to be the Great Commission, flowing out of a commitment to the Great Commandment.  In fact, I tell my kids that the purpose of our lives together is to love God, serve people and reach the world. That commitment [. . .]

Child Sponsorship

For a number of years, my wife and I have supported three boys through IGL’s Child Sponsorship Program. Through Christmas cards, pictures, handwritten letters and coloring pages, we’ve been watching our three boys grow up! I was always amazed that for just $30 per month, India Gospel League could deliver education, food, medicine, family-style living [. . .]

Commissioned by Dan Jarvis

We are excited to release our new book, “Commissioned: How God is Changing Lives, Transforming Nations and Involving You.” Commissioned takes to you to the frontlines of the gospel’s advance, where idolatry, persecution, struggle, poverty and war are met by the overwhelming love of Christ. But this book is more than a report of God’s powerful work in our generation, it is a challenge to take the Great Commission seriously, and personally.

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How does a rural Indian church compare to the church you attend? WORSHIP: Acoustic drumbeats, fast clapping (everyone clapping), lots of hand-waving and smiling, even a bit of dancing; children standing up to read Scripture aloud, passionate prayers all at one time, and an air of festivity and celebration filling the building. Often without electricity.

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  Hindus make up some 13% of the world’s population, although the number is much larger when one accounts for all those who adhere to Hindu philosophy (New Age practices, etc.). Of course, in South Asia, the vast majority of the population is Hindu. The religion began in 1500 B.C. as ritualistic polytheism practiced in [. . .]

Village Daycare & Education Centers

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Would you like to partner with us to help give children a great start to life? To give the gifts of reading, self-confidence, language learning, career possibilities – and most of all, the gift of knowing God’s Word?

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Host a Prayer Meeting for India

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Prayer is essential to the completion of our mission! Would you like to get a few friends together to pray, seek God, and ask Him to transform India (and beyond) with the gospel? Here, you can find a suggested meeting outline – complete with prayer requests, Bible passages, and ideas.

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Every Tribe, Every Nation

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Every Nation

There are four specific ways the Great Commission is being accomplished today, all of which we can commit daily to the Lord in prayer, and all of which we must support financially and personally: 1. Frontier evangelism. Taking the gospel to completely unreached people groups and villages that have never heard of the Bible or [. . .]