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At some point all parents will face challenges raising their children. But certain challenges can be so overwhelming it leaves parents in despair, unsure about what to do next. Manikandan’s parents faced this very problem. Manikandan’s father, Madheswaran, works at a shipping company. He struggles to make sure his family is fed and clothed on his [. . .]

Help Now

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In November 2017, 784 indigenous leaders had the opportunity to attend the NAIC conference held annually in Salem, Tamilnadu! On behalf of each pastor, woman and youth leader, thank you for your prayers! For three days in November, they gathered together from all across India, Sri Lanka and Nepal to hear preaching on the 2018 [. . .]

Harini hopes to dream again

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For the first 13 years of her life, Harini knew her dreams of becoming a police officer or a doctor were just that – dreams. In fact, even the dream of being “normal” – to be able to go to school to learn and to be able to plan for a future career like her [. . .]

CAN YOU IMAGINE: getting married at age 17 to a man who would later become an alcoholic, spending his meager income on alcohol instead of the family? Poongothai wakes up every day wondering how she’s going to feed her children. She worries about how to give her children the education she never had. She fears [. . .]

On October 16, 2017, Christianity was, in many ways, forced underground in Nepal. A bill that had been circling the branches of government in Nepal for three years was finally passed and ratified by the president. This bill allows for criminal action to be taken against evangelists. With only 1.2 percent of the population professing [. . .]

870,000 Children Heard About Jesus

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We praise God that this summer 870,000 children attended Children’s Gospel Clubs and heard about Jesus, some for the very first time! This children’s discipleship program started 15 years ago with a plan to reach 2,000 kids. But we never imagined the reach it would have as God blessed this program and exceeded our goals [. . .]

Small Church Adopts Small Village

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“God moves people, changes people’s hearts. [The people in my church] are injected with excitement every time they hear the updates [from the church we support in India]. We want to do whatever it takes to make that church successful,” Neil said enthusiastically. Neil Brooks, along with several others from his local church, participated in [. . .]

Take a Trip with India Gospel League

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What can I expect from a missions trip with IGL? India Gospel League welcomes visitors who want to see firsthand how God is using IGL to reach the lost in South Asia. Trips offered include Eyewitness, Medical, Veterinary, and Leadership Training for pastors, women and youth. To experience the full scope of the ministry, we [. . .]

Imagine only one in four people in your congregation having access to a Bible. Or not having the opportunity to order one online or pick one up at the local bookstore. Pastor Thomas’ church was exactly in this position. Only 15 of the 65 people in Pastor Thomas’ congregation had their own copy of God’s [. . .]