Sathu Will Never Be an Orphan Again!

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Recently I had the privilege of traveling to a newly constructed IGL mission base and children’s home in Battiacola, Sri Lanka. During the visit, the children presented a program in which they recited passages of scripture, sang and danced for us. What a joy! It was wonderfully done, heartwarming and even funny at times!

SathuA young boy named Sathu, age 12, sang a song he wrote. Holding a piece of paper with the lyrics on it, he held the microphone with trembling little hands and began to sing his song. This young man had lost both his father and his mother in the civil war that ravaged Sri Lanka. He sang about his feelings of loss and abandonment and how his heart was broken by this great hurt. He sang of crying in fear.

Next, tearfully, he sang of the love he has received at this new children’s home. He sang of the love of Jesus, who he had come to know since living there. I will never forget the chorus! The words he sang were so very powerful:  “With God as my Father now, I will never be an orphan again.” Wow! Truly this was wisdom from the mouth of a babe!

These children desperately need our help. Most of the children in the Battiacola home do not have sponsors. What an opportunity to give hope to a child, and reassure them that someone loves them. It would mean to world to them for you to “choose” them. You can make a difference in their life for just 1$ a day!



written by:  Dr. David Rice, IGL-NA

If you’re willing to sponsor a child from Battiacola, call our IGL office and speak to Pauline at (330)650-5900.

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