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A child care center in Tamil Nadu

A child care center in Tamil Nadu

Through IGL’s child care centers, tutoring programs and schools, thousands of kids are on the path to a brighter tomorrow. Our centers help bring education into the most remote, most rural, and most underprivileged areas of the nation, giving children (and their parents) the opportunity to read, dream, study, and build careers.

At these centers, Christian teachers and pastors spend time daily loving kids, praying with them, teaching them to read, helping them memorize Scripture, training them in basic hygiene, nutrition, and language, feeding them a good meal (which they may not otherwise have access to) and inspiring hope.

There are more churches than ever springing up in the remote villages of India, which means more opportunities to minister to kids in need.

Would you like to partner with us to help give children a great start to life? To give the gifts of reading, self-confidence, language learning, career possibilities – and most of all, the gift of knowing God’s Word?

A contribution to our Child Care Center fund helps construct, staff and resource more centers across South Asia. These are designed to become self-sustaining and are built out of the ministry of local village churches. Donations of any amount are helpful, and $1200 is enough to begin a whole new center! [Donate here]

If God prompts you to make an even bigger investment in children’s lives, you might consider helping us build a school ($270k) or building a children’s home ($40k). For more information about these opportunities, call the IGL-North American office at 888.352.4451.

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