From Poison to Pastorate

Winter Quarterly Newsletter 2014

February 20th, 2014 by | | Posted in Field Updates


I was raised in a strong Hindu family. I was a tormentor of Christians, and a drunkard. My lifestyle was so wild that I neglected my family, to the point of wishing to poison them. I bought some poison and kept it in my home.  I thought to myself, “If there is a God, he should change my life.”  To my amazement, some Christians who held a prayer meeting near my house came and prayed for me.

Instantly change took place in me, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I experienced joy and peace filling my heart. I felt a constant palpitation in heart, so I went to ask a Christian friend what it meant.  He exhorted me from the Word of God and told me that God was calling me to be in His service!

Today, this man serves among our “barefoot pastors” and leads a congregation of 75 people. Please pray for him.

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