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Spring Quarterly Newsletter 2014

May 6th, 2014 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Despite the progress that is much publicized, India still lags far behind when it comes to major issues of healthcare and education its rural masses.  With all of the Government’s efforts during the last five decades, the infrastructure created for health in the country is totally inadequate to meet the growing needs.  It is stated that every 10,000 population is serviced by only 7 physicians and 8 support medical staff.  A recent nationwide survey indicates that one million people die each year on account of inadequate health care. 700 million people have no access to specialized health care. One out of three people suffering from tuberculosis lives in India.  Polio, Leprosy and Malaria are still prevalent. The list could go on . . . but the question is:  what does all this have to do with IGL and the ministry?  What does it have to do with the Kingdom of God and its values?

It is well and widely known that health, education and poverty are interrelated, with each one contributing a great deal to the others either in a positive or a negative way. If a person is poor, access to health and education is limited.  Poor health decreases the ability to work, limiting income and increasing the level of poverty. Lack of education limits opportunities for employment which then leads to low or no income.  Such a condition leaves one without the ability to break free from the clutches of the cycle of poverty.

I am also convinced that there’s more to it from a Christian standpoint. Underpinning and cutting across the interconnectedness of health, education and poverty lies spiritual and cultural beliefs that either hold people back from progress or help them move forward.  The worldviews of the people also plays a significant part in determining their level of progress.  This is the reason why IGL always leads with the Gospel changing the heart and mind of the people and then follows up with health, education and care of children, and economic development.  The vision is holistic transformation and development of communities with the values of the Kingdom deeply implanted in them and manifested through their lives. It is happening.

IGL’s medical outreach is a comprehensive approach that meets a huge need in the country for health care.  Bringing health care into the rural areas of India that are poverty stricken is a very integral part of IGL’s witness and outreach.  Apart from a well established hospital, scores of life centers in the villages serve as medical outpost’s literally bringing life to the community physically and spiritually.  IGL’s training programs for nursing and health care is equipping dedicated young men and women with a vision of Kingdom advancement and community transformation.

Your continued partnership in this endeavor will ensure that people who were once without access to quality healthcare can now afford it finding relief both for the body and soul.  Thank you for joining hands with us.  It is my belief that together we can make a huge difference.


Sam Stephens
India Gospel League

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