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Winter Quarterly Newsletter 2015

January 29th, 2015 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Although India is the world’s largest democracy with a fast developing economy, only a small portion of the population benefits from the existing systems and structures. Young men and women must be educated and trained in skills that equip them for employment, but the labor market is not accessible to them, causing a widening divide between the rich and the poor.

Why should this be of any concern to us? For two reasons: first, the indigenous church is growing in the midst of this reality; secondly, the movement toward Christ is among the poor, underprivileged, marginalized and oppressed communities. Unless social and economic development issues are addressed at this early stage of church growth, it will be difficult to break the cycle of dependency and lay the foundations for sustainability.

IGL is deeply committed to this vision and strives to make socially and economically uplifting opportunities available to the deprived rural masses. Through our community college, young people graduate each year with a government certified diploma and our micro-loan programs continue to lift thousands out of poverty. Your support at this significant time will help us step up, reach wider and do much more. The only thing holding us back is the lack of adequate resources.

This new year looks bright, holding great opportunities for the ministry despite the increasing pressure on minorities in India by Hindu fundamen-talists. This calls for much prayer, thoughtful planning, careful and strategic implementation of our programs.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support,
Sam Stephens

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