What happened in 2014?

Winter Quarterly Newsletter 2015

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Mani was a radical Hindu whose life seemed to have everything together. But then Mani’s business started failing. He couldn’t make enough money to support his wife and two children. Mani spiraled into depression because of his failure and started losing confidence in his Hindu faith. The local pastor came along to Mani’s family to offer words of comfort. He told Mani of the saving grace and hope Jesus Christ has to offer. Out of his hopelessness, Mani decided to follow Jesus; he totally surrendered his life to Him. Then, as Jesus does for so many who follow Him, Mani’s life was transformed. He was no longer depressed – he had hope! The Lord also blessed Mani’s business so that it prospered. Recently he and his family were baptized.

Divya is another of the countless people to experience the Lord’s blessings and care. She is an 8th grade student studying in one of IGL’s Evening Study Centers and an attendee of a Children’s Gospel Club. Her father, a truck driver, was hospitalized with severe injuries after a major accident. The local doctors were not optimistic about his outcome. But Divya had confidence in the Lord. She prayed that the Lord would save her father. Miraculously, after two days of prayer, the doctors told Divya that her father would recover and would be out of the hospital soon! Divya was so excited about this news, she told all of the children in her Children’s Gospel Club and Evening Study Center, prompting many others to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Along with hundreds of thousands of other people, Mani and Divya have amazing stories of how Jesus has transformed lives in South Asia. Only in heaven will we know the full impact the Holy Spirit has had through IGL, but for now we can at least tell you what IGL saw in 2014:

7,797 new churches planted
112,429 people baptized
9,493 leaders trained at conferences
625,000 children discipled through CGCs
14,950 children cared for and educated
9,712 people treated at Sharon Hospital and medical camps
2,438 animals treated through veterinary camps
25 Life Centers built
696 adults trained through the Skills Training Program

All of this “fruit” is a result of the investment of life and prayer from so many Christian workers throughout India, and also a result of financial partnership with people like you, who continue to share with the least and the lost of Asia.

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