Nursing Program

Spring Quarterly Newsletter 2015

April 1st, 2015 by | | Posted in Encouraging Stories, Field Updates


By expanding IGL’s network of nurses, IGL is better able to provide health care to the millions in need.

As part of the medical ministry, IGL established a nursing college in 1999 to educate people in medicine, thus expanding the health care IGL is able to provide to the millions who are in need. Because many people, especially women, typically cannot afford higher education, IGL’s nursing program offers free or subsidized tuition to those who qualify. Thus, IGL is not only expanding the number of health care professionals available to care for the immense need in South Asia, but is also helping the students climb out of poverty by training them with skills they can use to help support their families.

IGL’s Sharon Community College offers one to two year degrees in health assistance, medical laboratory technology, operation theater technology, veterinary assistant, pharmacy assistant and computer operation. In addition to offering classes and providing dorms to live in, the program helps students develop relationships by hosting social events such as cooking, singing and recycling competitions.

Priya is one of many nursing students who is excited to be a part of IGL’s nursing program. She is learning how to help people and is developing relationships with her peers. Her hands-on training and classes have taught her how to show compassion and care for patients during her internship.

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