Caring for Outcasts

April 16th, 2015 by | | Posted in Encouraging Stories, Field Updates


Imagine living in a country where leprosy is viewed as a curse and communities disown victims of the disease. What are those outcasts supposed to do when family and friends distance themselves for fear of contracting the same curse? This means that finding work is nearly impossible, leaving most leprosy victims homeless and without anyone to care for them.

Thangavel-pic4_editedGod has burdened IGL with a desire to show love to those suffering the effects of this disease by providing shoes, meals, medical care and even housing for them. One such man, Thangavel, 50 years old, contracted leprosy at the age of 12 resulting in lost fingers, toes and painful ulcers. The local villagers hated and isolated him. In his despair, he attempted suicide several times but, thankfully, was not successful.

After a few years he married a woman also affected with leprosy and God blessed them with two sons. Thangavel heard the gospel message through IGL and he and his family started attending a local church. Then IGL began providing medical care and a monthly food ration for Thangavel and his family. However, they were still living in a thatch roof house that leaked whenever it rained. So, IGL replaced their leaky house with a clean, dry concrete home. Thangavel was overwhelmed! He and his family were very thankful for this timely and essential help.

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