Children’s Ministry Update

May to June 2015

July 22nd, 2015 by | | Posted in Field Updates


We are happy to pass along to you a report straight from our Children’s Ministry Department in India. The report highlights the activities at India Gospel League’s children’s homes over the past two months I hope you enjoy reading it! You can view the full update here and read some excerpts below!

Leadership Development Camp
Leadership Training (8)_editedIn May 2015, IGL organized Leadership Development Camps. Fifty teens from different IGL children’s homes in Tamil Nadu gathered together for three weeks.

The Camp was divided into three categories. The first was to improve their existing skills while empowering them with new talents. The second was to nurture them with Christian principles illuminated by the Children’s Gospel Clubs. The third was designed to improve their intellectual capacity by challenging them through life-coping exercises.

House Parent Training
Leadership Training (22)_editedThe house parents participated in five days of comprehensive training, and returned to their respective places of work feeling more encouraged and qualified; equipped with added childcare knowledge.

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