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Finding Redemption

Winter Quarterly Newsletter 2016

February 5th, 2016 by | | Posted in Encouraging Stories


finding redemptionEvery morning on her way to work, Bhagyavathi, a Women with a Mission leader, walked down the main street of the red light district in her city looking for girls and women in need of rescue out of the sex trade.

One morning, Bhagyavathi came across a young woman crying by herself in an alley. The girl, whom we will call Prisha to protect her identity, desperately wanted to be free from her life as a prostitute. Bhagyavathi brought her to the tailoring center she owns, where she offers free tailoring classes to young ladies, like Prisha.

While teaching these young women how to sew, Bhagyavathi shares something even more significant than livelihood – Jesus Christ, the only one who can truly rescue them out of their past and free them from the bonds of slavery. One night, when Prisha was reading a pamphlet from Bhagyavathi about Jesus, he visited her in a vision. She was so astounded that God would want to have anything to do with her that she immediately accepted him as her personal savior!

Filled with joy and gratitude, the next day Prisha went to tell many of the other prostitutes about how she had met Jesus and found a way out of her former lifestyle. Twenty-five women came with her to the tailoring center where Bhagyavathi was able to explain that Jesus is the Redeemer of their souls.

Now, instead of roaming the streets selling their bodies, they roam the streets eager to share the Good News of Jesus’ salvation with anyone who will listen. We praise God for women like Bhagyavathi who are part of the IGL family.

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