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Tears of Joy

Spring Quarterly Newsletter 2016

April 12th, 2016 by | | Posted in Encouraging Stories, Field Updates


“For years I had wanted to sponsor a child,” said Darlene, an IGL child sponsor.

Ten years ago, Darlene learned of IGL’s Child Sponsorship Program through her church and it seemed like the perfect fit. Soon after, Darlene and her husband, Larry, began sponsoring two children. A few years later Larry initiated the sponsorship of two more as a birthday present to Darlene. Though they live on opposite sides of the world, Darlene has grown to love these children over the years and they hold a special place in her heart.

Darlene and Larry exchange letters with their sponsored children, sharing about significant events in their lives, prayer requests and Scripture. “I love receiving their notes!” Darlene declared. “We’ve grown to love our kids as individuals and that brings with it the desire to encourage their walks with God.” The most heartwarming communication from the children has been when they too convey their affection for Larry and Darlene:

  • “Since we are far away from each other, it’s nice to see each other through photos.”
  • “Every single letter that I received from you means a lot to me…”
  • “I am looking forward to seeing you again.”

Darlene also had the wonderful experience of meeting three of her four sponsored children during short term mission visits to India. Crying the first time she met two of her sponsored children, she “got to explain through a translator that my tears were of joy,” Darlene said. “The children and I are grateful for such an opportunity to have spent time together.”

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