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Revival of Faith

April 21st, 2016 by | | Posted in Encouraging Stories, Field Updates


“This has not been a seminar. It has been transformation,” Sister Anita exclaimed after attending a prayer conference.

In March, more than two hundred indigenous IGL leaders attended conferences on prayer that transformed not just their prayer life, but their view of God, their perspective on forgiveness and their view on the Holy Spirit’s involvement in their lives.

Representatives of the College of Prayer – both from the U.S. and India – brought pastors, women and youth leaders together to teach them the importance of prayer in forgiveness, confession, repentance, reconciliation and the power of the Holy Spirit. Their goal: revival. Not only that the attendees experience a revival in their own faith, but they take that renewed faith to their own village churches, furthering this revival. And the Holy Spirit certainly accomplished this goal!

During the conferences, pastors and leaders spent time praying for one another’s spiritual life, family and ministry. Many of the pastors had been bound with unresolved bitterness or hidden sin. But by the end of each conference, all the attendees left feeling rejuvenated and freed to worship the Lord. And nearly every attendee left with a conviction that prayer is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life.

Read compelling testimonies below:

“I learned that the source of the Holy Spirit is unlimited and I am to keep seeking.” – Pastor Jeven

“When I was informed of the (prayer seminar) I started thinking, ‘I have been working for God for 35 years, what do I need to learn about prayer?’ But what I have learned is unforgettable. I have learned how to really pray. I have learned forgiveness. I have learned I have had obstacles in my prayer life. I came ‘with a high position’ but God has humbled me. I have forgiven others and now I am free!” – a pastor and conference attendee

“This has not been a seminar. It has been transformation. What I have understood is how important prayer is. I used to think that once we become Christians we get the Holy Spirit and He has no more work. Now I have learned we need to daily be filled.” – Sister Anita

“I have learned so many things here, but the most important is that I need to give and receive forgiveness. This has changed my life. Now the Holy Spirit will flow through me and people will be blessed.” – Pastor Papua

*The College of Prayer is an organization focused on bringing spiritual revival to churches through prayer. Several IGL pastors have started a College of Prayer campus (a commitment to teaching a three year curriculum to mentor, train and equip Christian pastors and leaders to reach the lost world through a revived church) in India.

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