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July 5th, 2016 by | | Posted in Field Updates


God is working in amazing ways in this part of the world, changing the lives of thousands of people every day. It is simply thrilling to be a part of His great work and to be instrumental in the process of God drawing people to Himself. While the work of winning individual souls to Jesus is much needed and good, it is not an end in itself.

The ultimate ‘big picture’ vision of IGL is to witness a spiritual and cultural shift on a national level. This may sound highly unlikely, but this is indeed happening slowly but steadily. As the gospel becomes deep seeded in the hearts and minds of people, a total shift occurs away from centuries-old negative cultural beliefs, practices and world views. Such community transformation doesn’t happen by a few random acts of mercy and love; tiny attempts at being good and doing good will never bring about the sustainable results desired.

Instead, true change comes as a result of intentionally planting the gospel seed in people’s hearts, followed by consistent nurturing through discipleship, systematic teaching of the Word, training and equipping for multiplication. It requires dedication and hard work, but everything we say and do is geared toward achieving this end.

The harvest is plentiful. God’s hand is bringing renewal and transformation in a new way. Thank you for your prayer and support and for standing with us at such an exciting time.

Sam Stephens

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