From Desperation to Hope

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“I was without any work, and my family completely depended on my husband’s meager income. Now I contribute income, and this gives me happiness and hope.” – Sathya, micro-credit loan recipient

Like many others in rural India, Sathya and her family were scraping by on an income that barely provided food and shelter. High rates of illiteracy, debt and the rapid spread of treatable illnesses, among other reasons, led India Gospel League to select Sathya’s village to become a part of the Adopt-a-Village program. One initiative within this five-year program, which is designed to bring sustainable, holistic change, is the Women’s Transformation Groups (WTG). These groups offer the opportunity to learn a trade or become educated in running a small business and handling money. 

Eager to join a WTG, Sathya learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, money management and how to develop income-generating businesses. After mastering the six month program, Sathya was encouraged by the leadership to develop a business proposal and apply for a micro-credit loan, an opportunity only available to those who have completed the course. 

Sathya’s business plan was simple: buy a mule and rent him to local farmers who need to transport their vegetables and produce over hills and through deep valleys. (In rural India today, mules are still used as a primary source of transporting goods.) Sathya was excited to learn that her business plan was deemed viable and she was granted the micro-credit loan necessary to invest in a mule. Today, Sathya makes enough to help support her family and provide for her children’s education! 

But Sathya’s blessing doesn’t stop there. Once Sathya repays the loan, the funds are recycled to another woman who has also been accepted into the WTG program and completed the course training, enabling her to provide for her family’s basic needs. One gift can be multiplied many times over! 

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