An Excerpt from Samuel Stephens’ New Book The Kairos Moment

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Would you like to engage in a partnership that would change lives? What can we learn about kairos moments from Jesus’ invitation to unsuspecting fishermen? Read an excerpt from Sam Stephens’ new book, The Kairos Moment, below.

“Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch,” said Jesus. Simon, after an unsuccessful night of fishing in the very same waters, protested, but out of respect for this wise rabbi, went ahead and did as instructed. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a massive swell of fish began to overwhelm the nets!

Then the Lord invited Simon into a partnership that would change the world. “Don’t be afraid, from now on you will catch men.” And as Luke 5:11 records, Simon and his companions “brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed him.”

What is striking about this invitation is how unnecessary Simon (later called Peter) actually was. Jesus didn’t “need” Simon to catch men any more than He needed Simon to catch fish. But by His grace, the Lord invited him and a few other fishermen with him that day into a divine partnership, a worldwide fishing expedition for souls.

It would probably be appropriate to call the miraculous catch of fish in Peter’s boat a sort of kairos moment. After all, the conditions were the same as the night before, from a human perspective. The lake was the same. The fish were the same. The skill of the fishermen involved and the quality of their tools were also the same. But something dramatic changed. Jesus got in the boat! For these rural fishermen, the ultimate “opportune time” popped up right in front of them!

This story teaches us a few important things about kairos moments:

We can’t create them. We can fish all night in our own strength and catch nothing. Peter could have applied the best of his training, the best of his strategy, the best of his intuition—and none of it would have led to this net-busting, boat-sinking school of easy-to-catch fish!

We can’t explain them. When the power of Jesus starts working, our fishing methods are quickly overwhelmed. Peter didn’t stroll into town and start mentioning how great a fisherman he was. It wasn’t new netting or new methods. Something supernatural had occurred!

We aren’t necessary! Jesus used Peter, Andrew, James, and John to participate in this kairos moment. But He could have used anyone else. He could have just done it on His own! In God’s grace, He chooses to let people partner with Him in kairos moments, particularly those individuals with the faith to obey His directives.

The same is true for us. God invites us to partner with Him in His work. The more responsive we become to His presence and power in a situation, the more we can be a part of the opportune moments He creates for His kingdom’s advance. How will you respond? We invite you to visit our website to learn more or order your copy of The Kairos Moment today.

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