Turned Upside Down


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For most of her life, Tananki was a devout Hindu, observing all of the religious holidays and rituals. But her life was not filled with joy or peace. 

Tananki’s home life was anything but tranquil. Her husband was a raging alcoholic whose temper was unpredictable. The children would often hide in fear as their father threw things or upset tables. Overtime, the constant fear drove Tananki to tell her Christian neighbors about the problems at home, despite her strong distaste for Christianity. Her neighbors invited her to come to church with them. 

“I disliked Christianity but God turned me upside down.”
– Tananki

As she began attending church, she learned that Jesus is the One True God and can bring peace and change into her life. Soon she accepted Jesus as her Savior and He began to transform her life. In the beginning her husband hated that she had become a Christian. But over time, as he saw the changes in his wife, he even started to encourage her to attend church! 

Six years later, while her husband is not yet a believer, he no longer drinks alcohol and continues to encourage his wife and children to attend the local church. Tananki has also become a Women with a Mission (WWM) Organizer, that is to say, a woman leader working alongside the local church to preach the gospel, strengthen her local church and disciple younger women. In the last few months she has begun a small Bible study of six women who meet in her home. 

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