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1 Corinthians 4:20

February 14th, 2017 by | | Posted in Mission Conversations


The mission advance occurring throughout the world is bigger than any single organization, denomination or movement. That’s what makes it so exciting to behold!

At India Gospel League (IGL) we define this as a “wave” – the third wave, in fact, in the recent history of missions. Years ago, faithful believers gathered their resources to send one another across the world –missionaries to the nations who’d never heard the Good News (the first wave). Then, building upon the seeds they’d planted, missionaries began training and equipping indigenous leaders to begin leading (the second wave). Now, in this generation, we are experiencing the third wave as indigenous leaders are now setting their own strategy for their cultural groups and becoming “senders” as well – a true multiplication of the kingdom!

This is precisely what happened during the first century, as the Jerusalem church, led by the apostles, sent forth missionaries, who started churches, who then trained leaders. Soon, the churches they had planted were taking their own gospel initiative – and that’s how the world was reached!

IGL is one way for you or your church to connect to the “third wave” occurring in South Asia – frontline, indigenous leaders and pastors who are aggressively aiming to reach their culture for Christ. And, due to the economics of indigenous mission work, the corresponding outlay is much lower than first or second wave activities, meaning more impact is possible for comparatively fewer resources.

There are SO MANY kingdom opportunities right now, all across the world.
 IGL represents just one of many, but it is one that is very exciting. We’re seeing new villages reached and new churches opening – EVERY SINGLE DAY. Perhaps the next one could be a result of your engagement – your partnership with pastors and leaders across the world – serving the Savior together!

Would you like to join in?
Email us or check out our website for opportunities and ideas on how you can become involved.

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