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Summer Quarterly Newsletter 2017

July 25th, 2017 by | | Posted in Field Updates


We are living in a decisive moment in history. It is critical for God’s children to understand both the significance of this time and how to redeem it for the kingdom. Simply engaging in a lot of ministry activity does not necessarily bear kingdom fruit.

Quite often Christian ministries fail to distinguish the difference between relief and development. Relief is the short-term provision of help and support to people in a crisis, while the goal of development is to bring about sustainable transformation and enhancement of spiritual, physical, social and economic resources.

In many ways, missions’ efforts based on the foundation of relief are diametrically opposed to those based on the foundation of development. This is not only true in relation to the social and economic development but also significantly true as it relates to evangelism and ministry related efforts as well.

Our ministry takes quite a strong stand on this issue, especially in the light of recent social and political changes. I am convinced first and foremost that it is the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ that will bring South Asia out of spiritual, social and economic darkness. Secondly, I am convinced it is the local church that God uses to spread this light. The challenge before us as a ministry is finding the best ways to establish and equip the indigenous church to carry out this God mandated mission. Every program, every activity, every project of IGL – everything you will read about in these pages – is based on these two fundamental convictions.

I am happy to share the progress that God has recently blessed us with and express my gratitude for your role in the realization of this vision.

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