revathi: the goat farmer

Summer Quarterly Newsletter 2017

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For years Revathi struggled to make ends meet. Her husband worked as a driver and she worked in the fields whenever she could. But despite their efforts they were unable to provide a home or even consistently provide meals for their two growing children.

Then one day, Pastor Selvaraj, an IGL pastor who worked in a nearby village, visited her small community, and with him, he brought the beginning of a Women’s Transformation Group (WTG). IGL field workers coordinate these groups in villages where IGL already has a presence. Over the course of six months, the women in the WTGs learn the skills necessary to operate a small business.

While Revathi’s husband initially had doubts, his fears were quickly subdued and he allowed Revathi to join the group. After graduating from the program, Revathi applied for and received a micro-credit loan of $153. Equipped with her new education and loan, she set out to buy the first piece of livestock her family would own – two goats. Within the first year, Revathi’s goats gave birth to four kids. And her business of selling goat’s milk has tripled the family’s income! Over the next two years she plans to save enough money to start a large goat farm in her village.

Revathi belongs to just one of 253 active WTGs empowering and lifting women out of extreme poverty through education and business training. To enable a woman like Revathi to break the cycle of poverty, consider giving the gift of a Micro-credit Loan.

Micro-credit Loan

Micro-credit Loan

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