Did We Reach Our Goals? 

Winter Quarterly Newsletter 2018

February 16th, 2018 by | | Posted in Field Updates


While 2017 brought many wonderful accomplishments, it also came with some challenges. We didn’t reach some of our God-sized goals, mostly due to lack of funding. In particular, while 38 villages received the gift of a Life Center, it was short of the 75 goal. We hoped to saturate 10 new regions with life-giving churches but were limited to four new regions. However, we recognize and celebrate that those four new regions now have the hope of the gospel!

Even though we missed some goals, we have much to celebrate! We reached our 2017 goal of discipling 870,000 children and training 80,000 youth workers in our Children’s Gospel Clubs! These young believers had the wonderful opportunity to take their newfound faith and share it with the children as they led the Children’s Gospel Clubs. These are just two among many other miraculous developments that the Lord graciously sent our way. Praise be to God!

We rejoice as we remember that thousands of men, women and children had their first opportunity to hear about Jesus, to receive the love and care they needed, to break out of poverty and so much more. Below is just a small sampling of the Lord’s provision in 2017:


 people baptized


 pastors, women and youth leaders trained


 children attended Children’s Gospel Clubs


 patients treated through IGL’s medical programs


 women received micro-credit loans


 water wells built

We pray that this year, as the leadership and field workers strive toward 2018 goals, that God will provide the necessary resources to continue advancing the gospel farther into never before reached areas where villagers will hear the name Jesus, some for the very first time.

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