Children’s Gospel Clubs: Eternal Impact

June 7th, 2018 by | | Posted in Featured Update, Field Updates


More than 20 years ago, India Gospel League began a program to reach one of the largest segments of India’s population: children. Back in 1997, this initiative, Children’s Gospel Clubs (CGCs), began with a few dozen kids. But this year we estimate 965,000 children will attend clubs across India, Sri Lanka and Nepal! 

CGCs is one of IGL’s largest and fastest growing ministries. The clubs kick off each May with one week of activities and Bible study, then continue for the entire year, offering discipleship to children weekly.

What’s more, as the children learn about Jesus, club teachers encourage them to go home and tell their parents, brothers and sisters about Jesus, too. Every year tens of thousands of children’s lives, sometimes even their entire families, are changed by the clubs! Many young men and women grow up to teach their own club. Untold thousands have met Jesus through the clubs and grown up to devote their lives to Jesus. 

We are excited to share a brand new video with you about the greatest need these children face, the impact of Children’s Gospel Clubs and how you can help. Please watch and share it with your friends and family!

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