Aarthi: A Child Transformed

Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2018

July 2nd, 2018 by | | Posted in Field Updates


A child learning about Jesus at a club.

Last year, Aarthi was one of 870,000 kids across South Asia whose lives were changed by Jesus, through CGCs. She wrote to us: “Through my mother’s encouragement, I started attending CGC. Before attending, I used to get angry with everyone, but now I have started to love others instead, and to befriend everyone! I have learned from CGC about understanding others, and about how to love them without partiality. I love Children’s Gospel Clubs – thank you!”

Aarthi was one of hundreds of thousands of kids whose lives were changed all because someone decided to donate $1. That gift enabled Aarthi to attend the week-long VBS-style event to kick off the clubs and participate in weekly discipleship for a whole year.

Since 1997 when the clubs began, children (and even their families and friends) have come to know Jesus for themselves. Many young men and women grow up to teach their own club. Some even go on to become pastors and leaders in the church! Untold thousands have met Jesus through the clubs and grown up to devote their lives to him.

In May and June this year, the clubs started up again. This time, 965,000 children have enrolled! How many more lives will God transform through the clubs this year?

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