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Floods Ravaging Kerala: Killing Hundreds, Displacing Thousands

August 24th, 2018 by | | Posted in Field Updates, Opportunities


Photo Credit: Reuters

Since August 8, Kerala, a southern state in India, has been hit by the worst flooding in a century. Leaving more than 350 dead and 800,000 people displaced, the monsoon rain has devastated the region. In its wake, the monsoon left an estimated $2.3 billion dollars in damages.

Sadly, some of our brothers and sisters in Christ are counted among those who’ve lost their lives to the floods. Other believers have lost their homes; even Life Centers have washed away. Throughout the state, phone lines are down, transportation is at a stand-still and the electricity is out.

While rescue efforts are underway, they are woefully inadequate. At this point only a third of the displaced have made it into relief camps. Hundreds of thousands remain stuck on roofs or attempting to struggle through the diseased waters to reach safety.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

India Gospel League wants to help! Will you?

India Gospel League is gearing up to join the relief efforts and we need YOUR HELP to do it. Over the next 6 to 12 months, we would like to implement a comprehensive plan to provide not only the much needed immediate assistance, but also long-term rebuilding and restoration. This is what the plan would involve:


  • Supplies for 1,500 families: Food, clothing, shelter, drinking water, blankets and so much more.


  • Supporting 50 pastors for the next 6 to 8 months: As some of the believers have died and hundreds of others have been displaced, it is unlikely that the churches will be able to function normally anytime soon. In the meantime, the pastors and their families need support as they rebuild their lives and churches.
  • Building 50 houses and 5 Life Centers to replace those destroyed.
  • Building 5 water purification plants to provide safe drinking water.


  • After phase one and two have been completed, IGL will reevaluate the needs and figure out how to help people move forward. This could include skills training or helping provide some alternate employment to those affected.

The total cost for phase one and two is $262,500. Would you reach out to care for those in the midst of this horrendous crisis? Any help you can give will go a long way in restoring hope and providing love to people who’ve lost everything.

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