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Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2018

October 12th, 2018 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Have you ever been to a conference or heard a sermon that changed your life? Thankfully, for those living in the U.S. there are an abundance of sermons and conferences to choose from. (For many, the question we wrestle with is which conference not to attend.)

But for our brothers and sisters living in South Asia, the story is much different. The barefoot pastors of IGL’s network live and work in remote, rural villages throughout South Asia. While they’re reaching thousands who’ve never even heard the name Jesus before, they are also isolated. Often there’s no internet access to retrieve sermons, even if they could find them in their own languages. Bibles are difficult to come by as they are not sold in book stores. Fellowship with other pastors is also incredibly difficult without adequate transportation.

So how do these barefoot pastors continue building God’s kingdom without burning out? This is a very difficult question the IGL leadership has faced over the years. The solution thus far has been to create a network of pastors who are all committed to the same vision – loving and serving Jesus among the least reached. This network provides the pastors with monthly meetings and one large annual conference to maintain regular fellowship and equip them for ministry.

Dozens of regional conferences are also held throughout the year, equipping them with strategy, fellowship, direction and so much more. Pastors often leave feeling encouraged, challenged and closer to the Lord and their fellow pastors. (Read their experiences for yourself below!)

Here’s the challenge: the pastors who need this fellowship the most are the ones who can afford it the least. This year, we’re hoping to cover transportation and lodging for 250 pastors at $55 each to a conference. Would you send a pastor to a life-changing conference?

Testimonies from Pastors Conferences

“Before I knew about this fellowship, I was feeling loneliness in ministry. There’s no other church and no other pastor in [the district]. I always used to crave for the fellowship of pastors. As I joined this fellowship, my faith grew stronger and all the loneliness is gone. I am very encouraged and blessed by this fellowship.” – Pastor Atram

“This training was very useful in my life and re-molded my life. Each session was very challenging and urged me to spend more time in prayer and to be more active in the church ministries.” – Pastor Akhil

“God is helping me to learn the deep truth of his word through monthly meetings. I was personally encouraged and motivated by [the conference’s] theme-based teachings. Thus, the monthly meetings are molding me to become an ideal church planter among my women’s group.” – Savitha, Women-with-a-Mission Organizer.

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