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Lakshmi: A Student who Wants to Give Back

Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2019

April 9th, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Lakshmi sharing her story with her class.

“After this course, I hope I can get a good job and take care of my mom,” Lakshmi explained why she joined the nursing program at IGL’s college.

After her father passed away when she was in high school, Lakshmi’s grandmother took over caring for her and her mom, who struggles with a mental disability. After graduation, her aunt invited her to come live in Salem and found Lakshmi a job in a hotel. But Lakshmi knew this was only a temporary job until she decided what she was going to do with her life.

While working at the hotel, she heard about the nursing program offered at IGL’s community college and decided this was the perfect fit for her. Soon she applied and was accepted into the two-year program.

So far Lakshmi has nearly completed the first year of the program and is excited about what she has yet to learn. Among the many courses about human anatomy and patient care, Lakshmi has also taken a course on life skills, which, in her opinion, has been the most helpful part of the college experience. In the life skills class, Lakshmi learns about her purpose as a person, her value and worth and says it even helps her think through what her future (personal and professional) will look like.

“After graduating, I want to spend time with my mom and I think I’ll be able to give her good care,” said Lakshmi.

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