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Invest in ONE. Impact Many!

Sponsorship Changes Everyone.

May 8th, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


30+ students graduate from the nursing program each year!

I’ve only been with IGL for a few weeks, but my heart is already overwhelmed. My name is Kris and I’ve recently taken the Publications Coordinator position with India Gospel League NA. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been saturated with learning IGL’s history and the vast ministry God is propelling in South Asia. I am both in awe of how far the Lord has brought this ministry and of the great need yet to be met on the field.

As I learn about the needs of people in rural villages of India—the lack of education and healthcare is striking. Qualified doctors and nurses are in short supply, with an estimated three doctors and four nurses available for every 10,000 people. And yet, IGL is working to change those numbers through its Sharon Community College. With two-year programs in nursing, as well as other medical programs, the teachers and students hope to help meet the dire needs of suffering people in India. And though a college degree is not easy to come by, IGL along with sponsorship will make it possible.

I was a college student when I first learned about the idea of sponsorship through another well-known organization. At the time, I was only making $3.50 an hour but had a roof over my head and all that I needed. I felt the tug on my heart to jump in and invest in the life of a child half a world away.

Over the years, writing and receiving letters, getting to be a part of praying for and encouraging someone else—and knowing I was making a difference so impacted my walk with Christ. As I learn about the Nursing Student Sponsorship, I’m once again feeling a tug on my heart. 

I’m inspired to think about how investing in one nursing student can impact an entire village. Not only is that investment impacting that student spiritually, emotionally and professionally but the impact is multiplied once they graduate and begin caring for those in need.

Though this sponsorship only lasts two years, imagine how many years-worth of healthcare could be provided. Will you prayerfully consider joining me in sponsoring a nursing student? Together we can impact many lives! 

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