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What If…

A real-life impact.

June 19th, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


What if your whole family came to know the Lord, even those who seemed the least likely? That’s exactly what is happening in India with the help of Children’s Gospel Clubs.

Sellammal came from a very poor Hindu family. She married a man who was also very poor and together they had six children. Her husband worked but was paid a low wage. All that he made went towards buying alcohol instead of supporting his family. He was also very abusive to Sellammal and their children. There was constant turmoil in their home. Sellammal’s eldest daughter, Ramya, began taking her brothers and sisters to a Children’s Gospel Club. They learned about the love of God and how much He cares for them. Ramya shared the Gospel with her mother and also brought a believer named Vasanthi to pray with her mom. Sellammal could see the love of Christ in her daughter and Vasanthi. After many prayers and learning about God’s truth, she accepted Christ into her life and grew in her faith. Ramya used the CGC Program to help bring her entire family to faith in Jesus, including her father. Sellammal’s husband stopped drinking and began to attend church services regularly along with the rest of their family. Sellammal was baptized and she and her family are now faithful members of the church where her children attend the CGC. We praise God for the miraculous change that He has brought into the life of Sellammal as well as her family.

And there’s more! Recently a pastor from the Arah Region shared that 8 families in his village have come to the Lord as a result of a CGC.
Mubarak is a pastor who was discipled at a CGC and is now a CGC director. We continue to hear stories like these of transformed lives. 

We all know people who seem too far from God, without hope. But what if…

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