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Empowering Women in South Asia...

September 6th, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Kalaivani, a 28-year-old widow and mother of 2 says that the tailoring skill offered through a Women’s Transformation Group has raised her confidence level and ensured her a better livelihood. She says, “I am stitching uniforms for school boys and girls by taking orders from local schools, stitching 50 sets per week. I earn half a dollar per uniform. Through this job, I’m able to make around $450 to $500 per month.”

“This skill training has helped me to feed my children and to provide a good education for them.” 

Kalaivani is now helping other women to gain skills and employment as well. She is now a catalyst and is equipping and empowering unemployed widows and deserted women with employable skills, improving their quality of life. 

Nagammal hails from a backward community and lives in one of the IGL’s adopted villages. She was a daily wage laborer working in farm fields living a hand-to-mouth existence. Being interested and able to raise her family economy through the cultivation of vegetables she sought the help of the Women’s Transformation Group. Since she joined IGL’s WTG, she has learned to save her small income and how to effectively handle money. IGL’s training on financial literacy and kitchen gardening, motivated her to realize her full potential and helped her sustain her family through her farming skills.

Today, Nagammal makes 2,000 rupees a month from the produce of her plantation. Though she is over 50 years old, her enthusiasm knows no limit when committed to work.

Kala is also one of the members who benefited from taking IGL’s micro-credit loan. She used the money to develop (Chocho) plantation on her small land. Kala had a good harvest last quarter and made a huge impact economically within her family. Her family members couldn’t believe the transformation she has had in shouldering responsibilities, because of the guidance of the WTG. No longer is Kala viewed as merely a homemaker. She has now gained a new image of being a family builder.


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