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Powerful Encouragement In Coming Together…

Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2019

October 1st, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


With the help of God and the generosity of our donors, regional meetings, as well as the annual conference give pastors and leaders a Holy Spirit-filled time of prayer, equipping and encouragement. Read what Pastors are saying about coming together…




“Praise the Lord; I am thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to attend a one-day training. I was attending the Sunday services regularly, living a good Christian life but had no goal in my life. But God spoke to me in this training to do His ministry and gave me vision to reach out to the youth. I understand that I have a role to play.” Mr. Abhaya Deep from Sambulpur

“I am thankful to the almighty God and Vision 2000 for the continued prayer and help to my ministry and daily life. I am doing ministry and leading the Vision 2000 movement as a regional coordinator. I had some problems in my family and ministry but I shared this in the monthly meeting. All the regional pastors prayed and extended their support to me. Those problems have ceased. I have planted another church and my whole family is now involved in church planting and helping with Vision 2000.” Pastor Prasanta Nanda, Jharsuguda

“It is a great joy to serve the almighty God. In the past three months, there has been ceaseless rainfall—many lost their homes and belongings. But God helped the pastors to continue on and establish His Kingdom.” Church Leader in Odisha

“NAIC prayer days were conducted with great enthusiasm. All the pastors encouraged their churches to spend a couple of days praying for the IGL, NAIC Conference (in November) and Vision 2000 ministries and for the nation. Some churches conducted fasting prayers, others conducted all-night prayers. This truly refreshed the churches as they spent time in the presence of God.” Leader from Gondia

“I praise God that ever since I became a member of Vision 2000 in Gondia, I’ve been challenged to reach the unreached villages. I have been so encouraged and motivated by the monthly meetings/teachings. Five house churches have been planted in 5 new villages. Ten new families accepted Christ and are experiencing God in their lives. I thank God for Vision 2000! It is fuel for my ministry.” Pastor Ashok Suryawamshi

The pastors on the ground in India need time to get equipped and encouraged. But many of them aren’t able to attend the monthly meetings or the Annual NIAC Conference because of the cost of transportation and/or lodging. You can help with a one-time gift of $55 to help defray costs.

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