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Share Your Sponsorship Story

Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2019

October 1st, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Recently our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Hannah Murrey, interviewed a few of our child sponsors. We have posted those stories on our facebook page—check them out! They are funny, inspiring and very encouraging!

We also want to hear your sponsorship story! Do you share your sponsorship with your family or a friend? Did you start when you were a poor college student? Have you had a chance to visit your child? Record your story on your phone and share it with us on social.

Please include the hashtags: #loveonemore #sponsorshipstory.

We know that not everyone feels comfortable doing selfie videos. Maybe enlist a tech-savvy teen in your family or neighborhood to help you out. Some things to include are a picture of your child and pictures they’ve drawn/sent to you. Share how you first heard about child sponsorship. What has been most impactful about sponsoring a child? How has it caused you to grow in your faith? Also, tell us about your child and how long you’ve been sponsoring him or her. Know that your story is impactful! Share your story so that others can love one more too.

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