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Unleashing & Activating Believers

Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2019 / A Look at a New IGL Book Due Out in 2020

October 1st, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


I recently sat down to talk with Heidi Muller, who is collaborating with Sam Stephens on his new book. We are very excited about this project and see it as a spiritual igniter for the Western church.

I asked Heidi what has inspired her the most as she has been researching and working with Sam on the book. She shared that Sam is passionate to equip, unleash, and empower the Indian church for works of service. He believes in low control and high investment—igniting the gifts of the body and then sending people out.

Though the title has yet to be finalized, one of the main themes of the book is ‘work where God is working.’ The idea is that if we want to bear much fruit, it pays to invest where we see the Spirit moving. This is true at a micro-level: in our own lives, in discipleship, in our own families, and in our churches. It is also true globally—how exciting and fruitful it is to get behind the great work God is doing right now in India!

Sam’s new book will explore how this idea applies to our lives and churches everywhere, and to how we can contribute to the global church as well.

Sam’s book, due to come out in 2020, will give the Western church a glimpse inside the unleashed church in India and will walk us through ways that we can participate where God is working—in the West and in India.

Heidi stated, “In some ways, this book is geared toward pastors and church leaders. But much of the book is about mobilizing and activating every believer, and my hope is that every believer who reads it will start to think about their own sphere of influence, and how God is leading them to be fruitful there.”

Heidi Muller lives with her husband in Hudson, Ohio, has a background in communications and has been a key resource to IGL NA. Keep an eye out for more behind the scene interviews on Facebook, Instagram and in our emails.

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