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I will make the mountains flat

Transforming People One Village at a Time

December 19th, 2019 by | | Posted in Field Updates


God says in Isaiah 45:2, “I will go in front of you and I will make the mountains flat. I will break down bronze gates and I will cut through iron bars”.

That is exactly what is happening in the adopted village of Erumapatty where transformation is happening and people are experiencing peace, joy and hope.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that God’s Kingdom has truly come to this Village and the gospel has brought indescribable liberation to the people. Their freedom from the bondage of spiritual darkness is evident as they are released from the endemic cycle of physical and economic poverty in which generations have lived and passed on.
The transformation is palpable as women step outdoors for the first time to learn a skill and scripture is recited from the mouth of babes. IGL’s ‘Adopt A Village’ program is not just another initiative to ensure that poverty is eradicated and people have a better quality of life, but a conscientious effort to ensure that God’s reign and the values of His Kingdom become deeply rooted within the community.
This and nothing else ensures the sustainability of the transformation efforts in and around Erumapatty. IGL not only helps with practical needs such as clean drinking water and nutritious meals for children but also walks alongside the nucleus of believers and disciples them to be the ‘Salt and Light’ of their community. Teaching and training believers is a priority. They also receive awareness on health and hygiene, help with education and literacy, as well as teaching in issues of justice and rights for women.
Women from the WTG (Women’s Transformation Group) who had been supported by IGL-AAV to start various micro-businesses shared their stories. Their success stories were an inspiration to the other women. After the meeting AAV director distributed microcredit loans worth $12,100 to 30 women entrepreneurs to start various micro-businesses in their village.
Other areas of focus for the AAV are:
• Promotion of kitchen gardening
• Provision of low-cost housing for widows and marginalized families
Evening Study Centers for students first through 10th grade.
Health awareness and medical camps
Rehab for people with leprosy
Building a partnership with community leaders and people to create AAV self-sustainability
Environmental cleanup and sustainability
Within the village church, 155 believers are now participating and worshiping God. Gospel meetings, Cottage prayers, Children Gospel Clubs, youth ministry and ministry among men and women are now a rhythm of this village.

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