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Answer to a Little One’s Prayer

Because of your generosity, children in need were loved

February 11th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


“As a baby, Jenifer was left by her mother on the steps of a church. The church pastor and his wife decided to bring her into the Love One More children’s home and love her as their own child. But in 2017, the unorthodox way Jen came into the children’s home caused government officials to question her arrival. Jenifer was forcefully taken to an unbelieving government orphan shelter. Jenifer was there for two years. The workers at the shelter tried to force her to worship Hindu gods and goddesses but Jenifer refused. She clung to Jesus in prayer, repeated memorized Bible verses, and meditated on God’s word. In 2019, Jenifer’s prayers were answered! A Christian worker replaced the Hindu worker at the shelter and contacted the pastor. He sent Jenifer back to the Love One More home. Jenifer is in the 5th grade and gives glory to God for her safe return. She continues to memorize Bible verses, and is growing in wisdom and stature every day.”

At our IGL NA office, we understand that it’s not our fancy communications that cause you to give. But as we pray, it’s God hearing us then moving in the hearts of our donors to willingly step out and give.

Just imagine all the Prayers whispered in the dark places reaching our Father’s ears and because of His Holy Spirit, they fall into our hearts. Thank you for listening to that still quiet voice, for being obedient, for saying YES, LORD.

Your gifts given to Love One More provide safe housing, medical care,
discipleship, schooling, tutoring and a way out of abusive, hopeless situations.

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