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President Trump in India

A Timely Visit

February 25th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


President Trump’s visit to India is quite timely. It certainly is within his reach to make a significant difference.

No stone is left unturned to ensure that the Summit meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi goes off well. Plans are all neatly laid out for Trade agreements, negotiations, deals, acquisitions and broad dialogue on current geopolitics. As a citizen of India, it is my prayer that everything goes well as planned and that both countries mutually benefit. The resulting goodwill should help solve many problems and make way for a dynamic future road map for co-operation on various levels through which other nations can also benefit. That I believe is the potential that this summit holds. Today’s BBC article says it well, “Despite Mr. Trump’s addiction for trade and deals, and notwithstanding the need in India to dazzle him with concerts and performances, there is a genuine opportunity for two world leaders to find space for a conversation on how two outsized democracies can truly shape the 21st Century.”

It is understandable that every country seeks to promote their self-interests. Nevertheless, two of the world’s largest democracies must not contain their concerns with their own trade relations, their own economic development alone. They should ensure that democratic values are sustained and upheld for the prosperity and progress of the entire world. They must commit themselves to mutual accountability in relation to the principles and practices of democratic governance.

Grand preparations are completed for the momentous ‘Khem Cho Trump’ and ‘Namaste Trump’ events in Gujarat that are expected to surpass the ‘Howdy Modi’ performance in Houston. It will be both fascinating and exciting to watch these events. While millions of people are eagerly waiting, several of us have a simple prayer on our hearts. May all of this not overshadow the present harsh reality of fear and vulnerability that grips the minorities who are gradually being marginalized in India.

During his interactions with Prime Minister Modi, President Trump must not fail to address the serious concerns related to the CAA, NCR and NPR. The huge Nazi-style ‘detention centers’ being constructed all over the country will inevitably turn into concentration camps for those who are excluded. This must be stopped with immediate effect. The true motives behind the *CAA and NRC must come to the surface. Let it be known that “Nationalism” as defined by the U.S. differs from the “Nationalism” that is being redefined by the BJP. If the same rules of the Hindutva clouded CAA are applied in the U.S., every Indian born individual will lose their rights to citizenship. Would that be fair?

While there are a host of other pressing issues that demand the government’s attention such as a crumbling economy, lack of health care and education for the rural poor, an increasing rate of unemployment—the list can go on, what is the need to impose the CAA with such urgency? The U.S. cannot afford to ignore the prevailing nationwide unrest over this issue. This insidious fascist imposition on the Indian population which will exclude over 130 million people should not be passed off as an ‘internal matter’. It is an ‘international matter’. Nations cannot afford to ever forget their “NEVER AGAIN” pledge.

Air Force One touched down in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on Monday. Would President Trump and his entourage ever know that leaving the airport, they drove by thousands of people huddled in squalor and poverty in the slums by the roadside? The cost of building eight to ten feet high walls within a matter of weeks to hide the “eyesore” could have very well served to lift those people out of poverty.

Is President Trump aware that just a day after his visit, there will be another major event? It will be the commemoration in New Delhi for the first time celebrating the life and writings of Savarkar the architect of the Hindutva ideology, the skewed concept of Hindu nationalism and the promulgator of the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS) modeled right-wing RSS? When will the world ever wake up to this callous and masked hypocrisy?

This statement from BBC today sums it up: “It can only be hoped that between dance performances in Ahmedabad and long walks up to the Taj, Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump find time to discuss the world as it is, and the real potential in the US-India relationship.”


Please Pray for:
• the truth of the gospel to continue to spread
• for Christians as they experience persecution
• that Christians will be a strong and bright light despite their many difficulties
• for the safety of pastors and church leadership as they serve people in rural villages
• for those with great power and influence to be awakened to the realities of truth and needs of the people
• that the Western Church would not be silent


    1. Lynn Samaan on February 25, 2020 at 4:10 pm

      Excellent article. Thanks for giving us in the USA more understanding and prayer points. May our Lord use it for Kingdom purposes.

      • Kris McVaney on February 26, 2020 at 8:48 am

        Thank you, Lynn. We are so encouraged to hear from you and thankful that this was helpful. Praying in agreement with you.

    2. Craig and Joan McGarvey on February 26, 2020 at 1:38 pm

      My hope and prayer is that President Trump will now have a new channel of communication with PM Modi to address the persecution of non-Hindu minorities. The establishment of “camps” is truly frightening. We pray for this to exposed and stopped and continue to pray for IGL and its impact on people bringing the love of Jesus into their lives through the barefoot pastors, Sharon hospital and the Children’s Gospel Clubs. IGL is the hands of God.

      • Kris McVaney on February 28, 2020 at 12:39 pm

        Yes, we hope and pray that as time goes on President Trump will become truly aware of the realities in India. Thank you for your comment, for your prayers and standing with us in support. Thank you for taking time to read our emails and posts.

    3. Christopher Bealand on February 27, 2020 at 12:27 pm

      I have prayed today on behalf of the poor and oppressed, marginalized people of your country. It is difficult to comprehend the vastness of what is happening in India, as I stand here in my brightly lit, comfortable kitchen in Lockhart, Texas. But I know that the Lord Jesus is moved with tears and compassion for “the least of these”, so I stand with Him and with you, believing that His faithful followers will be strengthened to endure with hope and with all encouragement and comfort becasue they are empowered with the might of His gospel! Thank you for your faithfulness. It inspires my faith.

      • Kris McVaney on February 28, 2020 at 12:35 pm

        Christopher, thank you for sharing from your heart. We pray in agreement with you. It is hard to grasp the difficulty as you said but we are blessed to know that God bends down to hear the prayers of His people. Thank you for reading our posts and standing with us in prayer. It is very encouraging.

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