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Operation HOPE—a Movement Unleashed!

Houses of Prayer Everywhere!

April 15th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Back in November, God gave us a vision of every Believer’s house…

With increasing antagonism toward Christians and Christian ministry, in November 2019 we launched an initiative called OPERATION HOPE (Houses of Prayer Everywhere) encouraging every believer’s home to be turned into a house of prayer in the event of extreme persecution.

The positive side of this lockdown is that the Lord has made it possible to implement Operation HOPE in a very systematic way right now. Our zonal and regional leaders are currently working 24/7 to introduce and ensure implementation. We are asking every single household to commit to two hours of prayer and study of the word every day. It is happening! Each morning a half hour session of a systematic Bible study program is sent out by WhatsApp in different languages from to regional coordinators and they in turn share it on the grassroots level as much as possible. Along with the two-hour prayer routine, 24/7/365 chains of prayer have been initiated. Praise God!

My prayer in this time of isolation is:

For the leaders—that this will turn out to be a time of revelation from God, as happened to the Apostle John on the island of Patmos. I am encouraging all our leaders to wait on the Lord, to be in prayer. God has, I believe, with a purpose, isolated us from the din and clamor of a frenzied world to listen to His still small voice. When we come out of this, we will come with a fresh vision of what God would do through us.

For every single believer—a time of spiritual and physical renewal.

For families—a time of restoration.

For the growing indigenous church—a time of preparation for a great revival. History reveals that at the roots of every revival there has been a powerful movement of prayer.
I believe this will be the outcome in the forthcoming days.

Rev. Dr. Samuel D. Stephens
President, IGL, NAIC / Vision 2000


We hope this inspires you to have HOPE right where you are.

Download a sample of our 31 Day Devotional that is used in Operation HOPE

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