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From a Mess to a Miracle

July 9th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


Kavitha is a mother of three children. Before the lockdown, her family experienced constant quarreling. In the first few days of the lockdown, her family was frustrated, and had no peace between them. Kavita’s pastor introduced them to Operation HOPE, and encouraged her to gather her family to pray every day for two hours. They had a 31 Day Prayer Guide that was used each day during this time. At first, they simply went through the motions because the pastor asked them to do so. But the Lord was working in their hearts. They began experiencing His love and peace and God’s Word began to speak to them.

This new time of family prayer has now become an integral part of each day of their lives. In addition to gathering for family prayer, Kavitha and her family also spend time praying individually. The Lord changed their mess into a miracle.

“My name is Sakthi. I am 9 years old and I study in fourth grade. My father’s name is Perumal and my mother’s name is Kavitha. I have a younger brother who is in the first grade. We are a Christian family and have been praying every day during this lockdown as a family for the entire world, especially the countries which are affected by the Coronavirus—all the people and leaders. My brother and I also pray separately every day. During this pandemic, God has been so good to us and provided for our needs day by day. Jesus has been leading us miraculously. We thank God for all His mercies. Please pray for us.

Download the 31 Day Worship & Prayer Guide being used throughout the Operation HOPE movement…  Download Here. 

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