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Hold On To HOPE

July 16th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


If you are having trouble this week with believing big or even believing . . .

Do this one small thing.

Ask God for GER and read about these believers in India.

Avinoori Lakshmi lives with her two daughters Anjali (18) and Prajitha (11) in Gullakota. They are believers. With the girls still in school, she is the sole breadwinner and provides for the family, working as a daily wage laborer in the fields. She lost her husband 16 years ago to cancer. Now, without work, she had no means to sustain the family during the lockdown. There is no one she could turn to for help except to pray and look to the Lord, her Provider. The three of them practically starved, surviving by just drinking rice water once a day. Days passed but they held on to the hope that the Lord will provide. And faithfully He did. Avinoori says, “It was a miraculous answer to prayer when one day I opened the door and a pastor was there with enough groceries to last our family for two months. We had not told anyone our real plight except the Lord and He was faithful to provide. Praise the Lord!”

Rekha Kumari from Buxar is a new believer. Before Christ, she was a staunch Hindu. She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior after experiencing miraculous healing that no doctor or medical care could afford her. Today she is an active believer, eager to know and proclaim the gospel to her neighbors. With the lockdown in place her local pastor introduced her to Operation HOPE. She now gathers with her family, reads the Bible and prays every day. The Lord has helped her to understand the scriptures and she in turn shares it with her family and neighbors. Today, her house of prayer is a beacon of light in the community and many continue to hear the life-giving words of Christ. Today it is estimated that nearly a million people across India in different regions are part of Operation HOPE.

May God give you more faith—the GER—to Believe BIGGER.


P.S. Here is the link to download our ebook of the 31 Day Prayer Guide, now being used in the Operation HOPE movement:  Download Here. 


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