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Building sustainable communities

Q3 News / Summer 2020

July 22nd, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates












IGL is currently working toward stronger, sustainable communities. Through skills training and microcredit loans, IGL is setting people up from relying on relief to a sustaining, longterm recovery. Throughout June, in places like Bihar, pastors trained their congregants on cottage industries. Microcredit loans were distributed to help start businesses and help people get back to work.

Kitchen Gardens The Irular Colony is a good example of families learning to develop a sustainable and stronger community. Classes were held on planting and maintaining kitchen gardens, as well as the making of pickles, soap and detergents. We found 25 families maintaining gardens and they were not only able to sustain themselves but shared the produce with their neighbors. In addition, five women who are part of the Women’s Transformation Group took the initiative to prepare homemade snacks and sell them in their village.

Microcredit loans There were six women who bought cows with IGL’s microcredit loans and by selling the milk were able to sustain themselves even though they couldn’t go out and work. This has inspired other women to produce and sell locally to enhance the village economy and become sustainable.

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