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Children in Crisis

July 24th, 2020 by | | Posted in Field Updates


My name is Rahul. My sister and I live at a Children’s Home while my dad works as a daily wage laborer in the neighboring state of Kerela. During the lockdown, the government sent us back to our homes. My father was unable to get back to our village in the midst of the lockdown. We were alone at home and struggled for food. We lost our mother when we were younger. We received help and good care from L1M once they learned that our father had not returned home yet. My sister and I are thankful for the food we received and glad now that our father is finally back home with us.

Hi, my name is Subhiksha and I live at the Rebekah Home. My father is no longer living. My mother is a daily wage laborer and struggles to support us. She must also repay the loans she took out for my brother’s education. He went to school for engineering but has not been able to find a job. This lockdown added even more trouble to my family and we have struggled without basic needs. We are so thankful though as we received a visit from L1M and we received rice and grocery items. My mother was very happy and appreciated the timely help extended to us during this crucial time of need.

I am Ranjith and I come from a tribal family. I have lived at the Embracing Mercy Home since 2015. Last month all the children had to leave and go home due to COVID-19 issues. Our parents have no work due to the lockdown and we didn’t have anything to eat. Every day we earnestly prayed and asked God to help us. Meanwhile, God heard our prayers and L1M provided us with rice and groceries. We are so thankful to L1M for their timely help. 


You can help children in crisis like Rahul, Subhiksha and Ranjith, go to :

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