CGC Update 2017

Testimonies from 2017 CGCs

“Before attending the CGC I used to get angry to everyone, but after attending CGC I started to love everyone and making friendship with everyone. CGC helps me to understand my friends and their attitude. Now I love everyone without any partiality and I am living as a good example to everyone. Thank you, and I love CGC.”

– Aarthi, age 14, CGC Student

“Through my friend I came to know CGC, she brought me once here, and the very first itself I started love Christ. From then, I was a regular student to CGC. This year God raised me to be a teacher and I got trained in our regional training. I’m so thankful to God for this great growth in my life. I am so excited to be a teacher. CGC helps me learn Gods plan and purpose in my life.”

– Shalini, age 16, CGC Teacher

“First of all, I have learned and understood the importance of children ministry. Secondly, these teachings on methods really helped me to teach to the children in my church. Moreover, this meeting will help me to convey the God’s Word to children in an easy manner. I am thanking God for this wonderful opportunity.”

– Usha, age 20, CGC Leader

Children's Gospel Clubs 2016

Goals for 2018

  • Directors to be trained: 200
  • Leaders to be trained: 1,740
  • Teachers to be trained: 77,200
  • Children to be enrolled: 965,000
  • Clubs to be formed: 19,300
  • Materials to be produced in: 12 languages

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