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Help Village Children Learn About Jesus!

Children's Gospel Clubs

What are they?

Children's Gospel Clubs (CGCs) combine the best of VBS and Sunday School together, forming a discipleship program that meets weekly for an entire year! CGCs offer hope in a land plagued by poverty, disease and spiritual darkness. Children who attend a club will not only learn about Jesus, they’ll be encouraged to share Him with their families and friends. 

Just $1

That's all it takes to send a child to a club for a whole year! Just $1 can change a child's life forever. Introducing a child to Jesus, loving them, providing a place for them to be a kid and have friends—
all for $1 for a whole year!

The Goal

This year, we estimate 1 million children will attend a club! Will you fund 1,000 children so they can learn about Jesus?

Some of our CGC attendees have even grown up
to become IGL church planters!
Talk about a ripple effect...


Through the stories I came to know the purpose of the Christ coming in to this world. I also understood that Jesus came in to this world because he had abundant love on us and he died for all our sins. I can surely say CGC transformed me lot. 

- Gogul
Age 15, CGC Student

I felt the fullness of God’s love during the whole program. Through this program I learned more about the bible stories and missionaries life experience. That triggered me to offer my life and talent for the God’s ministry.

- Barnabas
Age 14, CGC Student

Most of the time I felt lonely and thinking that there is no one to loves me. I was so depressed and unhappy. But after coming to Children’s Gospel Club I came to know that Jesus loves me so much. Through CGC session I also came to know that Jesus will never leave me or forsake me.

- Vishwasi
Age 16, CGC Student

This is my first time to attend this CGC. There were many new songs and dance. I very much liked the dance and songs. Even there were interesting stories from bible and missionaries lives. I liked the Abraham story very much. In one word CGC was “amazing!"

- Sathiyavani
Age 12, CGC Student

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