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Many villages in South Asia have never heard the name “Jesus.”  Instead, these villages, and the millions who inhabit them, are trapped in cyclical poverty, dark idolatry and heart-breaking caste designations.  Today, all of that is changing. One village at a time. One family at a time. One child, one father, one mother, one orphan, one field laborer, one street beggar. As they turn to Christ, everything changes:  their outlook on life; their view of themselves; their understanding of God; their eternal destiny.


India Gospel League (IGL) is taking the gospel forward into regions where it has never been shared before, and as we go, we’re sharing the blessings of compassionate, Christian love with the people we meet. So far we've been privileged to plant churches in more than 95,000 villages! 

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“Listen in on this amazing conversation with Samuel Stephens of the India Gospel League. They have planted 90,000 churches (no typo!) He is a #HeroMaker and will be at Exponential 2018.”


- Dave Ferguson, President of Exponential