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Clean Water Wells

Give the gift of life

Why build clean water wells in India?


million people in India lack access to clean water, the highest number of any country in the world.


of communicable diseases in India are due to lack of safe water and hygiene


are without access to sanitation facilities


villages in India have yet to hear about Jesus

How does the water well program work?


First things first: pastors, who are already working and ministering in local communities, apply for a well to be built in their village. In the application they site the needs of the village and how a well would benefit not only the villagers physical needs, but the church's witness to the community as well. 

Application Approval Process

Once the application is submitted to the IGL headquarters in India, it goes under a review process. During this process, the team in India evaluates the needs of this particular village compared to the other applications received. Then each village is flagged by how immediate the needs are. 


After a village is approved for funding a well, the local pastors have to submit a permit request to the proper authorities to dig a well. Depending on weather, local bureaucracy or other factors, the digging could begin in six to 12 weeks.  


Once the local pastors have all the necessary paperwork in hand and the funding in place, they can hire a company to drill the well! 


After the well is built, the local pastor invites the villagers and someone from the IGL leadership team to dedicate the well. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is an important part of Indian culture to signify the beginning of something new. 


A new clean water well will leave its mark on a village. Each villager will have access to much needed clean drinking water, preventing many diseases and illnesses. And each villager will get to experience the tangible love of Jesus every time they draw from the well. The local church will have the wonderful opportunity to share with their neighbors the living water Jesus offers, as he himself once did at the side of a different well (John 4). 

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Hear from the pastors themselves!

The people over here suffer a lot for drinking water and other water needs. As a church we were praying for a long time to get water facility in the church campus. The Lord fulfilled our desires and wants through the donors and India Gospel LeaguePeople around the church can be benefitted through this well and know the love of the Lord. We are so thankful to God and the donors for this blessing.

~ Pastor Anran

Water scarcity is always a problem here. People have to go far away to get water for their usage. We have been praying for water resource in the church for several years, God heard our prayers and opened the doors to have well in our campus. It is our prayer that through this water well many should accept the Lord as their personal savior.

~ Pastor Aruldass

The people in this village oppose the ministry, I was even beaten up by few extremistsThough the surrounding people hate us, we will be sharing the water from the new well with them. This will increase the chances of sharing gospel with them and might smooth our relationships with the neighbors.

~ Pastor David

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