“Commissioned” Download

Are you engaged in the Great Commission?

A few years ago, I was pastoring a church in Ohio and sensing we needed a fresh mission vision among our congregation. Then, God arranged for me to meet Samuel Stephens, a church leader in South Asia whose network has planted over 70,000 village churches in the past 25 years.

This new friendship led me to the remote, rural village areas of India and Sri Lanka, to places where Christ has never before been named. Sam’s organization, India Gospel League (IGL), involves thousands of workers from multiple language groups, directly in the middle of the “10/40 window.”

Upon returning to the U.S., I have not only begun personally sponsoring the work of IGL, but I’ve also recognized that they have something we desperately need in our culture – they have a sense of the presence and power of God in their ministries and in their personal lives. I invite you to engage in the Great Commission as you read through the adventures, stories and sacrifices of village pastors and ministry workers by reading the complementary download of my book, “Commissioned.”

God is doing marvelous things in the world. What a privilege He gives us, to share in His global, eternal mission.

In Christ’s love,

Dan Jarvis,
Author of “Commissioned”