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Donation Policy



You may choose to donate to India Gospel League either by making a designated gift or an undesignated gift. A designated gift is to a specific fund, sponsorship, project or program, such as a Child Sponsorship. India Gospel League will utilize funds gathered from a designated gift for the specific fund, sponsorship, project or program the donation was designated to. India Gospel League will use up to 15% of each designated gift to cover overhead expenses.

An undesignated gift will go to India Gospel League’s general fund. The utilization of an undesignated gift is determined by India Gospel League, which can also cover overhead expenses.


Donations made to the India Gospel League are tax-deductible. You will receive a gift receipt for your donation within 30 days of the donation. A copy of a gift receipt can be requested at any time by contacting India Gospel League.

At the beginning of each calendar year you will receive written documentation of all tax deductible gifts in the previous year.

 Gift Acceptance Policy

A gift to India Gospel League may be made in any amount for the benefit of an India Gospel League program. India Gospel League will accept gifts of cash, checks and payments via credit or debit card. India Gospel League also accepts gifts of publicly traded securities. To make a donation of a marketable security please contact India Gospel League in order to receive the specific instructions for the transfer.

 Recurring Donations

You have the option to establish a recurring donation. In the case of a sponsorship the donation will continue until the sponsorship is ended. The end date for the sponsorship is established at the beginning of the sponsorship. If your sponsorship is to be terminated early, India Gospel League will contact you to offer a new sponsorship. Other reoccurring donations can also be established that have no end date. You may at any time end your reoccurring donation by contacting India Gospel League.

 Refund Policy

Charitable contributions must be irrevocable in order to qualify for a charitable deduction. Due to this there are very tight restrictions on when India Gospel League will issue a refund to a donor. India Gospel League determines each refund request on a case-by-case basis.

An undesignated donation will not be refunded if requested.

A designated donation may be refunded if the donation was made in the anticipation of a future event that will no longer occur. For example if the donation was made for a specific project or ministry that India Gospel League later decided would not be implemented. In the case of such an event India Gospel League will contact the donor and offer to either refund the donation or have the restriction removed from their gift. If a donor cannot be contacted India Gospel League will redirect the funds following a formal announcement of their intent to redirect the funds.

A donation, designated or undesignated, that was made in error or accidentally duplicated will be refunded if the donor requests the refund within 30 days.

A refund of a donation carries tax consequences, such as the loss of the charitable deduction and the possibility of having to pay taxes on the gift at an increased marginal rate. A donor that requests a refund should contact their tax professional for advice on the tax treatment of a refunded donation.

Billing Information Verification

Orders are processed after billing information has been verified. Incorrect billing or credit card account information will cause a donation to not be processed. In these cases, please verify your billing and account information with your bank and/or credit card issuer before making another donation attempt.

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