For the 7,000 people living in a village in Maharashtra, their daily commute to the nearest “clean” water source was 3 km (nearly 2 miles). But even their “clean” water well wasn’t clean at all. The water continually made people sick. And during the dry summer season, the well would completely dry up.   Sadly, [. . .]

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer in 2016! You stood with us through the exciting times of church planters moving farther and deeper into unreached areas to spread the Good News. And you also stood with us during the hard times of persecution and natural disasters.   Without your support, our ministry would not [. . .]

The mission advance occurring throughout the world is bigger than any single organization, denomination or movement. That’s what makes it so exciting to behold! At India Gospel League (IGL) we define this as a “wave” – the third wave, in fact, in the recent history of missions. Years ago, faithful believers gathered their resources to [. . .]

Turned Upside Down

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For most of her life, Tananki was a devout Hindu, observing all of the religious holidays and rituals. But her life was not filled with joy or peace.  Tananki’s home life was anything but tranquil. Her husband was a raging alcoholic whose temper was unpredictable. The children would often hide in fear as their father [. . .]

Looking Forward

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While we are blessed to report to you all of the wonderful things the Lord is accomplishing in our midst in South Asia, we know that 2017 can become an even far greater year for God’s kingdom. Please join us in prayer as we look forward to the goals we have set for the next [. . .]

Snapshots of 2016

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Growth in nearly every measured area of ministry activity has helped make 2016 a year in which the kingdom work continued to grow deeper and wider, even in the face of ongoing challenges. You have stood with us in prayer waiting to hear of our brothers and sisters’ safety during the devastating flooding in Bihar. [. . .]

From My Heart

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Another year has gone by rapidly, but not without much excitement and a great deal of accomplishments. All this stands as an amazing testimony to what God can do with simple, but willing, human vessels. He blessed our efforts in 2016 as we stepped out in faith following the vision he placed on our hearts. Thank [. . .]

For the fifth year in a row India takes another jump on Open Doors’ Watchlist to number 15, listed right behind Saudi Arabia. But that’s not the most alarming number in their report. They also list countries in which the levels of persecution are rising the most rapidly. India is number 4. Every year, Open [. . .]

Lord, teach us to pray

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Thank you for praying for the 2016 NAIC conference! Pastors from all over Sri Lanka, Nepal and India gathered last November to experience fellowship, prayer, teaching and spiritual refreshment over the three-day assembly. The conference debuted the 2017 teaching theme: “Lord, teach us to pray” based on Luke 11:1. It was a time filled with [. . .]


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“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23 As the video crew began recording an interview with Reverend Samuel Stephens, everyone leaned in with anticipation and sat quietly transfixed. For the next two hours, we listened to him pour out his passion [. . .]