Suresh Finds His Dream Job

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Suresh (featured above, left) worked as a sales representative at an electronics company, a position he could lose if he didn’t meet commission. But secretly his dream was to open his own motorcycle repair shop. Then, last November, Yamaha Motors Japan partnered with India Gospel League to open a training center in Salem, Tamilnadu! Suresh realized [. . .]

Child Care Update

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Children’s Wellness Center In rural India, a child born with any kind of disability is destined for a life of dependency. This is an extreme burden to poor families, as the child becomes a social and financial liability to the family. There are an estimated 580,000 + children under 6 who are autistic and affected [. . .]

In February, Marthe and her husband were thrilled when they discovered a way to connect kids in their church to kids halfway across the world. And they didn’t even have to take a long plane ride!   They heard about IGL’s Children’s Gospel Club (CGC) program earlier this year at the Children’s Ministry Connect conference. [. . .]

revathi: the goat farmer

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For years Revathi struggled to make ends meet. Her husband worked as a driver and she worked in the fields whenever she could. But despite their efforts they were unable to provide a home or even consistently provide meals for their two growing children. Then one day, Pastor Selvaraj, an IGL pastor who worked in [. . .]

“I am very happy to be in the Sharon Palliative Care Center though I know I am in my last days of life.” – Indrani When our loved ones have been diagnosed with a terminal disease and are in the final stages of their lives, we want to do whatever we can to make them [. . .]

Once consumed by darkness, this rural village is now a place of light and life We see pictures of squalor in developing countries: water so filthy it can barely be classified as water; people forced to send their children to work at a young age just to keep food on the table; videos of children [. . .]

From My Heart

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We are living in a decisive moment in history. It is critical for God’s children to understand both the significance of this time and how to redeem it for the kingdom. Simply engaging in a lot of ministry activity does not necessarily bear kingdom fruit. Quite often Christian ministries fail to distinguish the difference between [. . .]

Basket Weaving Changes a Life  

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What if you had to wake up and look for work each morning? And even if you found something, how would you feel knowing you were not promised more work the next day? How would you feel on the days when you return home to your family with nothing, unsure of when or from where [. . .]

You may just be settling in to summer break – going to the pool, gardening, vacationing, cooking on the deck. But for kids in India, summer break is already over. Classrooms are again filled with bright faces and laughter, as children reunite with their friends and settle in for the next academic year. But even [. . .]

“I have to live like Jesus to change the world.”  And that is exactly what Jothika plans to do.  At just 11 years of age, Jothika already has big aspirations for her future. As she watched her own teacher serve her and her classmates, she realized one of the best ways to change the world [. . .]