How Can I Partner?

Come and See

Are you interested in short-term missions trips? Take a look at what a typical trip to India would be like! 

Church Planting

  • Barefoot Pastors

    Barefoot Pastors walk from village to village spreading the Good News to those who have never heard Jesus' name. 

  • Life Centers

    Life Centers are built in villages where churches have already been planted. As India's equivalent to a church building, the Life Centers serve as a place of worship, a community outreach center, a medical facility, a day care center and so much more. 

  • Pastor Training

    Pastors are isolated in rural India - they can't walk down to the local bookstore and find a plethora of Christian books. One of their only outlets for training and fellowship with fellow pastors are regional pastors' conferences.  

Community Development

  • Adopt-a-Village

    One of our largest community programs is to adopt an entire village! As part of the program, the local church will carry out business education for women, clean water initiatives, healthcare, child education and so much more.

  • Micro-credit Loans

    On a smaller scale, you can also provide a loan to a woman who has gone through one of our skills training programs. With this loan, a woman can start her very own business and help pull her family out of poverty!

  • Clean Water Well

    Clean water is scarce throughout South Asia's rural communities. You can provide a well and eliminate multitudes of health problems within a community! 

How Can I Partner?

Let us know if you'd like to learn more about how you could partner with India Gospel League.